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Graduating in 3 weeks and today is my father's birthday which is happy. Is it terrible I can't remember how old he is? Okay he was born in 1961 and it's 2012 now so he's ... 51?!?!?!

Yes, for some inexplicable reason I am riding a mood high right now. Also, it's Mom's Weekend in Pullman which means everyone is escorting their parents about and the campus is buzzing. D&D is cancelled tonight so I guess I'm going out to the bar to do field observations on the mom's of college students.

Wish me luck. :3
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I can't wait to get home for spring break. I need to see my family and re-calibrate my life.

Ranty Rant About My Old Roommate Kelly... )

On a lighter note, I've been doing a lot of little sewing projects lately to mend and patch some of my clothes that have been falling into disrepair. This makes me feel quite accomplished! I also did much better on my Ornithology Practical Lab Exam than I though I was going to. I was sure I'd gotten an 80% or so and it ended up being a 93%; I'm very pleased. Only 6 people in our lab section got A's on this practical and the average was a 76%.

Well I think I've exhausted my talking points, I could talk about how I think a guy was interested in me for the first time since I broke up, but that just made me feel nauseous and know that I'm not read for another relationship. The D&D group Bern got me to join is fun, our DM plays it really loose with the rules and it's nice and relaxed. In Ornithology we went to Lewiston to Duck Watch and I saw some really cute American Coots, Wood Ducks, Northern Shovelers, Buffleheads, Goldeneyes, of course Mallards and Canada Geese, a few Kingfishers and Ceder Waxwings and a yellow-rumped warbler.

I miss you my friends and cannot wait to see you when break EVENTUALLY comes around.


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