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My life for the past 3 weeks to follow )

All that business discussed I have tomorrow with iX, her boyfriend Sean, and [personal profile] sharptooth in the International District to look forward to as well as Anthro-Con on the 14th! Excitement abound!
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I'm going to make this brief since I have a great task ahead of me.

I am officially a college graduate! Bachelors of Science in Zoology, which I am very happy with, but what now? I don't have a job lined up and I'm quite confused as to what direction I'd like to take; a fact exacerbated by my feeling of being inferior and childish as of returning home. I have pinpointed one of these reasons to be that my bedroom is more or less a compilation of all that was Alisha when she was 13 to 19 years old. It's all cheesy anime stuff and far too much Pokemon clutter. I have thus decided that a new beginning is in order. This starts my purge cleaning of my childhood room. Really, I knew this was coming. My interests have just changed as a person. Also I've realized that having the massive amount of clutter that I found enjoyable as a child now just causes me anxiety and makes me feel I can't get anything done.

So I have about a week before anything is expected of me around the house, I'm hoping to get this massive clean done by the end of the week.


--> Remove All Posters/NicNaks From Walls
--> Put Away All Figurines
--> Get Rid Of All Excess Items
--> Update Bedding
--> Rearrange Furniture
--> Purchase New Furniture To Assist in the Storage and Organization of CD/DVD/Book Collections

And my top motto: GET RID OF USELESS CRAP

There will be progress shots posted on tumbler, starting with this one.
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