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2012-04-13 06:29 pm

Feeling Chipper

Graduating in 3 weeks and today is my father's birthday which is happy. Is it terrible I can't remember how old he is? Okay he was born in 1961 and it's 2012 now so he's ... 51?!?!?!

Yes, for some inexplicable reason I am riding a mood high right now. Also, it's Mom's Weekend in Pullman which means everyone is escorting their parents about and the campus is buzzing. D&D is cancelled tonight so I guess I'm going out to the bar to do field observations on the mom's of college students.

Wish me luck. :3
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2012-04-05 01:26 am

Honey Don't

It has been a long time since someone tried to so clumsily manipulate me.
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2012-02-29 05:08 am

Collapsing Ground

I can't wait to get home for spring break. I need to see my family and re-calibrate my life.

Ranty Rant About My Old Roommate Kelly... )

On a lighter note, I've been doing a lot of little sewing projects lately to mend and patch some of my clothes that have been falling into disrepair. This makes me feel quite accomplished! I also did much better on my Ornithology Practical Lab Exam than I though I was going to. I was sure I'd gotten an 80% or so and it ended up being a 93%; I'm very pleased. Only 6 people in our lab section got A's on this practical and the average was a 76%.

Well I think I've exhausted my talking points, I could talk about how I think a guy was interested in me for the first time since I broke up, but that just made me feel nauseous and know that I'm not read for another relationship. The D&D group Bern got me to join is fun, our DM plays it really loose with the rules and it's nice and relaxed. In Ornithology we went to Lewiston to Duck Watch and I saw some really cute American Coots, Wood Ducks, Northern Shovelers, Buffleheads, Goldeneyes, of course Mallards and Canada Geese, a few Kingfishers and Ceder Waxwings and a yellow-rumped warbler.

I miss you my friends and cannot wait to see you when break EVENTUALLY comes around.
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2012-02-11 01:08 am

Over a 10 Dollar Whiskey

So I have another of my brilliant college experiences to relate!

Just went to the bathroom to find the nice girl who lives down the hall from me mopping up her boyfriend's face. This poor guy looks mangled. His left eye is swollen and dark. He's also got a bloody nose and a few other extraneous cuts on his face. There's a bit of blood all down his front and he's holding back the rest that might come out of his nose.

My first response is "Oh geez, wow. Is he ok?"

My nice neighbor replies, "He got in a fight."

I take a moment to appraise the damage done as he turns to look at me then I say, "I hope it was a worth while reason!"

Her response is, "It wasn't. It was over a $10 whiskey."

At this point the guy looks me straight in the eye. To put this into perspective, I've met him before. I set up his internet at the beginning of the semester since he visits my neighbor so much. I know that he got kicked out of his frat a couple months ago and had to live in the girl's room for about a week. He's a really nice guy. I remember he walked into my room and the first thing he said, with a dorky grin on his face, was "MAN! It looks like a house in here!" which I took as a complement though I'm still not entirely sure what he meant. The point is he's been a nice polite guy every time I've seen him. Not terribly bright, but nice. He's about an inch or 2 shorter than me, but athletic. Definitely has that frat guy look about him.

Well he looks straight at me and without blinking states, "He got lucky, Alisha". Mind you he's still holding his nose and looking like a beaten, wet rat and all I can think is "Yepppppp I'm surrrre he did" and "Wait he remembers my name?" and last "Shit, I don't remember his name".

I treasure these interesting encounters. Makes me giggle and keeps life from being boring. Cheers me up even though I've been terribly sick since Sunday. I have a clinic appointment on Monday. I hope I'm feeling better by then, but if not we'll see what the doctors say.
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2012-02-05 01:58 am

Something is Bound to Go Wrong, Sounds Just Like an Old Country Song

So tonight would be the night Glen breaks up with me.

It's just been that kind of impressively memorable day. Showed up to meet him tonight at 12am after improv and he pulls me aside with, "We need to talk". Long and the short of it, he kissed another girl on Friday and feels for her and... broke up with me. It was so dumb, my brain (and I'm sure other emotionally connected vital organs) just froze or broke or whatever it does when something happens that you weren't expecting at all. All I could repeat was "Oh"... "Oh"... "Oh" while everything attempted to jump start back to life. I remember asking "Really?" after he said he was breaking up with me. Then I think he apologized and I eventually responded with, "I'm going to leave now". I stumbled home numbly alternating between muttering despondently words like "Oh" and "Damn" and laughing like a maniac because the entire thing has a kind of bittersweet irony to it when compared to the day I've had. I'm glad Rebekah and Michelle were still up and let me sit with them for the last 2 hours. I haven't broken down yet, but I'm sure I will. My heart hurts, I hate this feeling and it just keeps creeping up whenever my momentum pauses. It pushes in and reminds me that I've been rejected, dismissed. I feel dismissed. "Found someone I like better, sorry you can go now." Dismissed.
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2012-01-23 12:18 pm

Weekend Adventures in Theatre

Now, I realize this isn't the first time I've found myself dragged in with thespians by a boyfriend. It always to surprises me though. I love theatre (watching it that is not participating), but I figure theatre people are too cool and aloof to want to talk to me. Which isn't true at all. They're really a bunch of misfit goofs that I fit in quite well with, but sometimes I'm shy.

Anyway, Glen took me along for the campus theatre group's improve show they do on the weekend and then to the party afterwards. Their improve was funny as usual, but the party was really interesting. Met Matt Kenyon there, which was REALLY ODD because he was in the class ahead of me in high school. This is something of an accomplishment since my high school had about 200 people.

We we got to talking about the Beatles (The focus of my life, I KNOW, SHUT UP XD) and he said, "John is the best Beatle!"

To which I had to stand up and shout, "Are you crazy? George is the best!"

His reply to this was, "Ok George was the best musician, but John was the best BEATLE!"

Now we didn't get to finish this arguement because a guy across the table popped over and was like "Paul is the best!" which prompted the guy next to us, who clearly thought the topic was silly and had gotten in the way of our game of Kings Cup, to shut us down by saying "Nah the best was totally the drummer!"

So this brings me to the question I asked iX yesterday after this event: What does being the "Best BEATLE" even mean? If we're giving out awards and George gets "Best Musician" does that mean that Paul gets "Most Successful" and Ringo gets "Didn't Piss Anyone Off Too Badly" and John gets the compensatory prize of "Best Beatle", because we couldn't think of anything else! Which I can, like "DID PISS THE MOST PEOPLE OFF", but not "Best Beatle".
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2012-01-06 11:07 am

Back to School; Last Semester as an Undergrad

Its kind of exciting. I've been in college so long I've forgotten what it's like NOT to be concerned with classes and book fees. So, looking forward to some time out of school, but I'm also quite nervous since I still haven't heard back from WSU about vet school. Anyway, here for one more semester so I'm not out of the woods yet.

In other news, I am sick. Very fuzzy headed and all I want to do is sleep, but I'm waiting for my parents to call me so we can go out to breakfast before they leave for Portland, OR to visit my brother. School doesn't start until Monday, however I was called back by Reslife on the 4th to be here to get new students on the internet. Where these new students are, I haven't a clue. No one is here. XD ALL OF THEM ARE MUCH SMARTER THAN I AM FOR THIS REASON! I don't expect anyone will seek help until next week, but hey, gives me time to tidy my room and prepare for the next semester. Even if I am jealous of [personal profile] sharptooth for being at MAGfest. ;P

Wish me health and productivity!