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Starting off, I did end up getting my room finished (mostly) took longer because I ending up painting it as well. However, all absolutely worth it and now I have the precious space to myself I sorely wanted and needed for my mental health. Well this is about what it looks like now I'm just making some final adjustments.

Side note, I ended up finishing my last semester as an undergraduate with a 4.00 semester GPA. Very pleased with myself, it is a very neat and fantastic ending to that portion of my education.

This week I've really allowed myself to be swept away in social activity. After Bern and Sarah's wedding on the 26th I've spent very little time alone. I've been jumping between activities with my brother, Alex and Jamie, Justin, [personal profile] sharptooth, and iX. I should be more actively working on getting a purpose in life, but that's what this week is for so I'm not exactly worried or repentant about the week I've had.

[personal profile] sharptooth , iX and I all gathered together for friendly gaming, Thai food, horror movies and drinking antics. We SUFFERED (I am so sorry) through the ridiculous xBox game titled "The Suffering" which isn't as bad as I'm making it out to be since it is very entertaining. We also enjoyed "Creepshow" which is just how I like my 80's movies; a bit corny and campy with a healthy amount of practical effects.

On Saturday the 2nd of this month I went to a Herpetology Convention with Alex and Jamie and OH DEAR, WHERE DO I START? Well I'll just give the highlights: People that are more interested in HAVING reptiles than CONSERVING reptiles, an "Educational Presentation" where the handler was of that same opinion and declared almost everything he showed to be "a good pet", and lastly herpes sold in tiny petri-dishes. It pretty much confirmed everything that [personal profile] sharptooth has told me about the herp-keeping community. I was still happy to get up to Seattle though! It was a wonderful day and we all walked around the Seattle Center, along the piers and about Pike Place Market. It was wonderful to go on an outing with them without my Brother and realize we all still interact so well. Very comforting! After fooling around in Seattle all day I went home with them and played silly games like "Just Dance" and "RockBand". There was a small incident where Elliot attempted to choke me with pizza, but sometimes it has to be accepted that that is who he is. They returned me home around 11:30pm, at which point I spent maybe 15 minutes there before heading out again to be with Justin. Which was lovely because he ended up taking me hiking the next afternoon. So many lovely BIRDDDDSSSSS! Saw some Pacific Wrens, American Robins, Black-capped Chickadees and a Red-tailed Hawk being mobbed by Robins no more that 15 feet away from us. So, in the past two excellent days I've walked 10+ miles and been thoroughly happy with life, gosh I don't want to be around for the universal backlash on this!

All that business discussed I have tomorrow with iX, her boyfriend Sean, and [personal profile] sharptooth in the International District to look forward to as well as Anthro-Con on the 14th! Excitement abound!
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