Feb. 11th, 2012

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So I have another of my brilliant college experiences to relate!

Just went to the bathroom to find the nice girl who lives down the hall from me mopping up her boyfriend's face. This poor guy looks mangled. His left eye is swollen and dark. He's also got a bloody nose and a few other extraneous cuts on his face. There's a bit of blood all down his front and he's holding back the rest that might come out of his nose.

My first response is "Oh geez, wow. Is he ok?"

My nice neighbor replies, "He got in a fight."

I take a moment to appraise the damage done as he turns to look at me then I say, "I hope it was a worth while reason!"

Her response is, "It wasn't. It was over a $10 whiskey."

At this point the guy looks me straight in the eye. To put this into perspective, I've met him before. I set up his internet at the beginning of the semester since he visits my neighbor so much. I know that he got kicked out of his frat a couple months ago and had to live in the girl's room for about a week. He's a really nice guy. I remember he walked into my room and the first thing he said, with a dorky grin on his face, was "MAN! It looks like a house in here!" which I took as a complement though I'm still not entirely sure what he meant. The point is he's been a nice polite guy every time I've seen him. Not terribly bright, but nice. He's about an inch or 2 shorter than me, but athletic. Definitely has that frat guy look about him.

Well he looks straight at me and without blinking states, "He got lucky, Alisha". Mind you he's still holding his nose and looking like a beaten, wet rat and all I can think is "Yepppppp I'm surrrre he did" and "Wait he remembers my name?" and last "Shit, I don't remember his name".

I treasure these interesting encounters. Makes me giggle and keeps life from being boring. Cheers me up even though I've been terribly sick since Sunday. I have a clinic appointment on Monday. I hope I'm feeling better by then, but if not we'll see what the doctors say.


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