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I can't wait to get home for spring break. I need to see my family and re-calibrate my life.

I pissed off Kelly the other night because I decided I wanted to be adventurous and not pay sole attention to her. This came to a head with our other friend and me leaving her at the bar by herself to go somewhere else. Thus, the next day I had to endure snarky texts about how she's never going out with me again and how she's never the most important person to her friends, always a third wheel. I chose not to rip into her about how she urgently texted me several weeks ago at 1am to come save her from a guy she didn't want to have sexual relations with only to act totally nonchalant when I got to the bar; like she'd just invited me to hang out not pull her out of a terrible situation I told her not to get herself into earlier that day. Then when we were leaving, she blew up in the guy's face and stomped off. Not even a "goodbye", "thanks for coming" or a "So, are you going to be okay getting home at 2am by yourself?".

I aggressively roll my eyes. Kelly has no friends at this point outside of church because all the connections she made in the dorms were with superficial girls that only wanted to party. She has a rocky relationship with her fellow bio engineers because of drama caused by drunken hook ups; they only ever seem to hang out when alcohol is involved. I'm not sure I want to be her friend anymore. She makes such bad choices and then seems totally oblivious to why her life is the way it is. She claims to be a good christian girl, but often acts in ways that she would say doesn't fit that values of that persona. She's also quite homophobic; having plainly told me once that if I was a lesbian there'd be no way she could continue being my roommate.

This all seems rather unnecessary now, since she invited me out to dinner last night, but these are all things that still bother me about being friends with her. In short she's a raging hypocrite, and I'm not sure when she'll categorize me as some sort of moral untouchable.

On a lighter note, I've been doing a lot of little sewing projects lately to mend and patch some of my clothes that have been falling into disrepair. This makes me feel quite accomplished! I also did much better on my Ornithology Practical Lab Exam than I though I was going to. I was sure I'd gotten an 80% or so and it ended up being a 93%; I'm very pleased. Only 6 people in our lab section got A's on this practical and the average was a 76%.

Well I think I've exhausted my talking points, I could talk about how I think a guy was interested in me for the first time since I broke up, but that just made me feel nauseous and know that I'm not read for another relationship. The D&D group Bern got me to join is fun, our DM plays it really loose with the rules and it's nice and relaxed. In Ornithology we went to Lewiston to Duck Watch and I saw some really cute American Coots, Wood Ducks, Northern Shovelers, Buffleheads, Goldeneyes, of course Mallards and Canada Geese, a few Kingfishers and Ceder Waxwings and a yellow-rumped warbler.

I miss you my friends and cannot wait to see you when break EVENTUALLY comes around.

This feels like the most gossipy comment ever

Date: 2012-02-29 02:27 pm (UTC)
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Ohhh, Kelly. She doesn't make it easy, does she? Sounds like she interpreted you leaving as an act of passive aggression on your part, or something similar. I mean, I know you. Sometimes, Alisha just does something on a whim because heck, why not. Let's do things, whatever. Kelly probably internalized it as abandonment, which doesn't surprise me because I've always had the impression she lacked any semblance of coping skills, and it seems she's never had any lasting, stable relationships. Er, aside from her relationship with JAYSUS, and even that's on the rocks from the sounds of it.

After meeting her I understood why you put up with a lot of her nonsense but, man... she's a pretty shining example of how a growing up as an extremely privileged, sheltered Christian, can really hinder you when it comes time to be an adult.

Also I wonder if the whole "if you were a lesbian we couldn't be roomates" thing still holds true considering... well, you know. It that's still how she feels, I can't help but wonder if she's overcompensating for something.

Also congrats on the test! That's really awesome, YOU SMARTY PANTS YOU.

Also also still adamant we need to play D&D, even if I'm rusty and the only thing I ever played was like, 3rd edition or something.

Also x 3 YAY BURDS. And I'm so excited for spring break, you have no ideaaaaaa.


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