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Now, I realize this isn't the first time I've found myself dragged in with thespians by a boyfriend. It always to surprises me though. I love theatre (watching it that is not participating), but I figure theatre people are too cool and aloof to want to talk to me. Which isn't true at all. They're really a bunch of misfit goofs that I fit in quite well with, but sometimes I'm shy.

Anyway, Glen took me along for the campus theatre group's improve show they do on the weekend and then to the party afterwards. Their improve was funny as usual, but the party was really interesting. Met Matt Kenyon there, which was REALLY ODD because he was in the class ahead of me in high school. This is something of an accomplishment since my high school had about 200 people.

We we got to talking about the Beatles (The focus of my life, I KNOW, SHUT UP XD) and he said, "John is the best Beatle!"

To which I had to stand up and shout, "Are you crazy? George is the best!"

His reply to this was, "Ok George was the best musician, but John was the best BEATLE!"

Now we didn't get to finish this arguement because a guy across the table popped over and was like "Paul is the best!" which prompted the guy next to us, who clearly thought the topic was silly and had gotten in the way of our game of Kings Cup, to shut us down by saying "Nah the best was totally the drummer!"

So this brings me to the question I asked iX yesterday after this event: What does being the "Best BEATLE" even mean? If we're giving out awards and George gets "Best Musician" does that mean that Paul gets "Most Successful" and Ringo gets "Didn't Piss Anyone Off Too Badly" and John gets the compensatory prize of "Best Beatle", because we couldn't think of anything else! Which I can, like "DID PISS THE MOST PEOPLE OFF", but not "Best Beatle".

Date: 2012-01-24 12:17 am (UTC)
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The only terms I can think of that would qualify "Best Beatle" would be like... who springs into the general public's mind first when they have to name a Beatle, like the most ~notorious~ Beatle. I think John would fit then, since he was presented as being a bit of a prankster in Hard Day's Night which apparently really imprinted on people, and he came off as the most radical.

He should probably just be nominated "MOST RADICAL" lmao.


...HI. I'm sorry I haven't called yet, the only way to use Skype is by hijacking Ren's computer, and he's been BUSY BUSY BUSY with music.

HOWEVER, he's asleep, so I'm going to attempt calling me thinks :3

Date: 2012-01-24 07:16 am (UTC)
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HMMM as someone who didn't know much about the Beatles until recently I can say that:

- When I knew who the Beatles were but nothing about them individually, I only knew John and Paul's names.
- That said, I didn't know Paul McCartney was a Beatle, but did know John Lennon was a Beatle.
- I knew about George but only knew of him because I remember very distinctly being told as a kid in a car ride about the Beatles, one who died of cancer and the other who was shot.
- I didn't know anything about Ringo at all.

- I can also say that I knew friend's parents who liked the Beatles a lot and had a lot of Beatles collectibles from the Yellow Submarine movie and such, and that John was the only one I could actually recognize and name. I also knew of Yoko Ono but admittedly thought (until last year) that she was an ice skater.

- In middle/ high school my friends dared me to call love line and I actually got on air, and said my name was Toko. I don't know if I mentioned 'Toko Ono' or if the radio hosts made it up/ added it on but they kept calling me Toko Ono. Again, still thought Yoko was an ice skater.


I think John Lennon, for whatever reason, is the most instantly recognizable Beatle from my experience as someone who was never specifically interested in them until recently. Now I know that Paul was the cutie a lot of girls liked, etc. but... I dunno. Growing up I only ever knew John. That could mean something, or it could just be my experience. Maybe someone else fairly objective would say they only knew Paul.

And just for funsies this is my impression of the Beatles:

Most marketable: Paul
Most angry: John
Most humble: George
Most wannabe-Jamaican: Ringo

It's hard to say "THE BEST BEATLE IS ______" because they all have their strengths and weaknesses as people and as musicians. It's probably better just to say who was best at what, and leave it at that?

Date: 2012-01-25 02:34 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] ichthyes

I don't know if that's actually a Jamaican style beat he has going but it just made me think of Ringo sitting under coconut trees on the beach. hahaha


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